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10 Day Return Policy

Thank you for shopping with allaboutyougifts.com. Customers will have to pay for shipping and handling of returned items. Returns are ONLY accepted within 10 days of date of receipt. Returns are not accepted if you ‘change your mind’ or decide that the ’style or color does not really suit me’ or if you just don't like it. Shipping and handling on returned merchandise is non-refundable (unless the product is damaged or the wrong item was shipped).

Any time there is something wrong, email us and let us fix it!

All merchandise must be returned unworn, unwashed, and with original tags attached. Please remember that you will be responsible for the shipping costs and it is highly recommended that you send your package with insurance.  That way you will be protected from loss during shipping. Once your return is processed, you will receive an email stating that you have store credit with us. Please allow 1-2 days from the shipping date for your account to be credited.

 When we run our sales and promotions, to receive the sale price, you must purchase items during the sale or promotions.

Communication - What Is The Best Way To Contact The Company?

Please send an email by using the Contact Us form on the website.


Flat Rate Shipping fee $2.99 on our sister site

Shipping - How Long Will It Take For My Order To Arrive?

Orders generally take 1-3 business days for processing. Once shipped, delivery time can take anywhere from 4 TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS on unless specified in product description or items have become on back order which you will be notified by via email/phone ). Depending upon the item, shipping may vary from USPS, UPS and FedEx.


Shipping - Will I receive a Tracking Number for my order?

Yes, in most cases you will receive tracking information after your order has been shipped out. If you cannot find this information, please send a message by using the Contact Us form on our website.

Affiliate Program - Are we allowed to create our own Advertisements, Business Cards, Flyers, Photo Collages, etc?

YES! In fact, we encourage it! We are always looking for fun and lively photos to add to the back office. If you have a photo collage you would like to share, please send your photo in for approval. Not all photos will be approved and you will only be notified if we decide to add it to our collection in the back office. Photos submitted for approval must not contain any personal information on them and you also agree the photo is not copyrighted and is of your own work. By submitting photos you agree to allow 'all About YOU' and any 'all About YOU' affiliate use of photos without compensation. Photos do not need approval to be used for your advertising but we please ask that your ads have our 'all About YOU' logo on every one. You can find logos approved for use in your back office. We will be implementing helpful tools for easy business card, catalog and flyer ordering in the very near future. You are never required to purchase advertising materials through 'all About YOU'. You are welcome to use local printing shops or other places such as Vista Print if you wish.

Affiliate Program - Do I have to join under the person that referred me into the Corporate FB Group?

The simple answer is No, you do not. BUT, Please keep in mind that the person who referred you into this group took some time planning and advertising for the company in hopes to gain recruits or levels beneath them. It is considered rude to not follow through when you're inquiring about a company or business with one person and then join under someone else. While it's not a requirement, it is highly suggested that you do join with the person who referred you. We cannot police everyone and who they bring into the group, and we want your stay to be enjoyable so please make sure you join under someone who will mentor you through as they learn their way as well.

Affiliate Program - How are affiliates paid, is there a minimum pay out and how often are we paid?

At this time, affiliates will only be paid via PayPal.
There is no minimum balance to be paid through Paypal.
Payday will be on every Friday.

Affiliate Program - How can I join the 'all About YOU' affiliate program? FREE TO JOIN SIMPLY FILL OUT THE 'SIGN UP' FORM LOCATED ON THE WEBSITE.

Affiliate Program - How does the 'all About YOU' Affiliate Program work?

Just like most DS (direct sales) companies out there, you are paid a commission based on sales you generate from customers making a purchase from your link. You are also paid a smaller commission on the sales of affiliates you recruit who join the program under you.

Affiliate Program - What are the Requirements to become an 'all About YOU' affiliate?

You must be a legal U.S. or Canadian Citizen 
You must be at least 18 years of age or older
You must agree to our Terms of Service
You must have completed a W-9 in your back office and submit the completed document to corporate before the end of the current year.
You must remain Friendly and Professional at all times when representing 'all About YOU.'

25% commission

2nd Tier:2%

Sister site 10%

Total:67% commission can be earned when promoting to arrow status.

Promotion:Arrow status when having $500.00 or more in sales a month you will then be promoted to arrow with a earning of 30% commission & a bundle of totes.Must maintain arrow status to earn 30% commission every month once you drop under $500.00 for any month then 20% commission goes back into affect.You can then work on reaching arrow status again.

Paid:Main site weekly (Friday)

Sister site commission is paid on the 15th of every month.

Building your team incentive:For every 10 people that ''PAY'' to join your team you will earn a ''FREE'' cosmetic bag of choice.Once you have 10 completed pay to join then you will be emailed asking your choice on cosmetic bag.Every month we will have a new building your team incentive earning this is for March will end 03/31 then a new one will be posted on the 1st of each month.This is another great way to earn ''FREE'' product in hand & building your amazing team.

Quota:$10.00 a month due by the 3rd of every month your quota can be meet with your own purchases or sales.If you have not meet your quota by the 3rd your account goes into pending mode to be reactivated you will need to make a purchase of any amount on the website.

No web fees 

15% Personal discount for affiliates only.

VIP for affiliates only a savings of 25% all year around.

To become VIP you will need to send a email to heathersavoy86@gmail.com to pay your one time fee of $20.00 then you will be emailed your VIP code.

How to become active again:Anybody that does not meet their quota goes into pending mode & will have to make a purchase on site of $20.00 or more to become active again.

Affiliate Program - What Kind Of Support Will I Have Once I Join the 'all About YOU' affiliate program?

Your upline (the person who recruited you) should be one of your main sources of information and help. This is why it's important to join under someone you know well and trust. There will be lot's of  information available to you in your back office with training tools such as photo collages to use for advertising, sample text ads and also a support center where you can submit a support ticket and get answers back within a 24 hour time frame!